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Corporate Responsibility


Being in the logistics industry, Cardinal always has an emphasis on sustainability in its day to day operations and overall strategy. Its sustainability policy is in place to reduce the environmental impact and to make a substantial contribution to the environmental, social and economic challenges while protecting and supporting the resources required in the future. The sustainability initiatives as outlined below result in reduced impact on the environment and additionally reduced costs which also positively affects the bottom line.



Current Initiatives:

- Going beyond compliance in Health, Safety, Environment, Food Safety and Quality

- Minimising Risk to Human Health and the Environment

- Reducing our Carbon Footprint, conserving Resources and Helping our Customers

- Contributing to the Communities in which we Operate

- Forming Alliances

- Employee and Subcontractor Consultation and Awareness

- Measuring and Reporting



Measures in place

- Investment in new trucks increasing fuel efficiency

- eRoad software to track and reduce idling/speeding

- Installation of LED lighting

- Temperature control of Warehouses