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What We Do

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Cardinal’s strategic logistics planning allows us to work with our clients to develop the best service solutions for their needs in a timely and efficient manner. Often contract warehousing customers require a ‘one stop’ shop or complete logistics service with delivery to the final customer. Cardinal specialises in the distribution of grocery and FMCG products directly to grocery and other outlet stores throughout New Zealand – our expertise and delivery standards lead the industry.

Cardinal’s aim is to Deliver-in-Full, On-Time, Undamaged (DIFOTU). Our freight management system helps us to measure and achieve high performance standards, and offer our clients tailored solutions to achieve better time and monetary management, as well as providing transparent information. Logistics and Supply Chain Management involves the key steps of planning, implementing and controlling the flow and storage of goods and the related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.

Cardinal Logistics has the experience and expertise to deliver a supply chain management solution that is designed to meet your needs in a cost-effective manner. As a manufacturer, importer or distributor of food, grocery or general consumable goods, it is essential that your goods arrive at their destination on-time and in excellent condition. Cardinal delivers an integrated supply chain management system through purpose-built facilities, modern warehouse management technology, and team expertise to ensure this. Electronic software is often used to automate this workflow as well as manage the supply chain system.

Cardinal’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a key part of our supply chain system. It aims to control the movement and storage of items within our warehouse and process the associated warehouse transactions involved, including shipping, receiving, put-away and picking based on real-time information. Cardinal’s WMS receives and accepts orders electronically from its customers in real-time. The WMS can transfer data to external customers, reducing both cost and errors, as well as allowing access for customers to ‘look up’ information online for themselves. The system is designed to run under a wide variety of configurations to accommodate clients with their own mainframe systems, interfaces can be provided to those systems to enable the down load and up load of data related to daily operations. It helps in batching of orders, cycle checking, full stock take, scan packing, scan pick and pack, managed replenishment, key date control. It benefits warehousing operations by providing sales history, stock reporting, extensive operational management reporting, and email distribution of reports.

Cardinal also provides efficient transport solutions through our Freight Management System (FMS) for many of our clients. Our primary mode of transportation is by road. With a fleet of 60 vehicles we can ensure that we meet the needs of our clients throughout New Zealand – your products will be delivered on-time and intact. Our fleet includes ten new line-haul units that allow us to take our customer service standards to the next level – they are fitted with air suspensions that are geared to the mezzanine floors which minimises the risk of damage in transit. While we predominantly use our own fleet for the nationwide distribution of our customers’ products, we ensure that any sub-contractors used also share our specialised transport focus and meet our stringent standards.

As a Cardinal customer, you will benefit from:

  • Lower inventory costs

  • Improved customer service levels

  • Reduced capital investment

  • Greater flexibility in meeting changing logistics requirements

  • Inventory management and rotations

  • State of the art technology with Warehousing and Transport systems

Cardinal’s strategic logistics planning allows us to work with our clients to develop the best service solutions to meet their needs in a timely and efficient manner. Outsourcing the warehousing process allows the customer to concentrate on their core business – thereby increasing their return on assets, reducing costs, removing labour risks, and improving customer service. As a specialist logistics provider, Cardinal manages a number of its customer's contract logistics requirements. The combined industry knowledge, technology investment and experience helps to provide flexible solutions in warehousing and distribution.

Whether your needs are great or small, Cardinal can provide a wide range of supply chain services that can be integrated into customers contract warehousing solutions, including:

  • Operational technology of scan and voice picking and inventory management to ensure ultimate order accuracy and inventory integrity
  • Pick and Pack’ technology distribution system to ensure the correct orders are distributed on-time
  • Complete container handling from the wharf to your customer’s door
  • Devanning and stock consolidation (with the option to pre-specify its sorting)
  • Storage solutions as you require them – choose from single or double racking with a further choice of drive-in or bulk stack storage
  • Orders processing via fax, FTP or EDI interface
  • Freight consolidation to lower the total shipping cost and increase security by bundling smaller shipments that are going to the same location
  • Cross-docking to reduce material handling and the need for storage, as well as reduced lead times – ultimately increasing customer satisfaction
  • Order processing and tracking to ensure the end result of order fulfilment within delivery deadlines
  • A team of dedicated and experienced professionals
  • Cardinal’s niche is in detailed pick and pack, using technology to process and manage inventory and orders such as voice-pick, directive putaway and automatic replenishment on behalf of its customers

Contract warehousing can range from basic warehousing services such as receiving, storing and dispatching items to a more sophisticated warehousing service involving data interfacing with detailed inventory management, and pick-pack to unit level using scanners and voice pick. Cardinal’s niche is in detailed pick and pack, using technology to process and manage inventory and orders on behalf of our customers. We believe our competitive advantage is our level of flexibility, innovation and maximum efficiency of Data Management Systems while continuing to focus on the three key areas of people, resources, and technology.