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Cardinal supports the Child Cancer Foundation in the "Big Hoot" event

In July 2018, Cardinal Logistics made the winning bid for an official Haier Big Hoot Auckland owl! The owl "Ruru Florilegium" was one of 49 artist designed owl scultpures commissioned to form a public art trail around Auckland in teh Autumn of 2018.

Here is an explanation about our Owl from the artist Rogan James "The Owl is called 'Ruru Florilegium'. Ruru being the Maori name for the Morepork - New Zealand's Owl. I am heavily influenced by New Zealand birds and due to time restrictions painted a lot of the Owl at night. Quite often while I was painting, our resident Ruru was very vocal which was like having a mascot cheering me on. His head and wings are based on the Ruru. Florilegium is a reference to 'Bank's Florilegium'. Joseph Banks was Naturalist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage of the Pacific. He collected a vast range of plant life including many New Zealand plants and subsequently commissioned exquisite botanical illustrations which were then collated together. Florilegium's basic Latin meaning is 'flower' + 'to gather' and I have described my Ruru as being wrapped in a gathering of flowers reflecting the unique botanical ornament we are so lucky to enjoy in New Zealand. All of the flowers are Native to our country. On his front: Kowhai, Harakeke, Pohutukawa, Poroporo. On his back: Kakabeak, Kotukutuku, Ponga Frond, Koromiko."

Ruru Florilegium is now displayed outside the Nesdale Avenue site, and brings many smiles while greeting our team and visitors alike!