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What We Do

Nationwide Haulage & Distribution

Cardinal’s aim is to Deliver-in-Full, On-Time, Undamaged (DIFOTU). Our freight management system helps us to measure and achieve high performance standards, and offer our clients tailored solutions to achieve better time and monetary management, as well as providing transparent information

Cardinal’s strategic logistics planning allows us to work with our clients to develop the best service solutions to meet their needs in a timely and efficient manner. Often contract warehousing customers require a ‘one stop’ shop or complete logistics service with delivery to the final customer. Cardinal specialises in the distribution of grocery and FMCG products directly to grocery and other outlet stores throughout New Zealand – our expertise and delivery standards lead the industry. Cardinal provides efficient transport solutions through our Freight Management System (FMS) for many of our clients.

Our primary mode of transportation is by road. With a fleet of 60 vehicles we can ensure that we meet the needs of our clients throughout New Zealand – your products will be delivered on-time and intact. Our fleet includes ten new line-haul units that allow us to take our customer service standards to the next level – they are fitted with air suspensions that are geared to the mezzanine floors which minimises the risk of damage in transit. While we predominantly use our own fleet for the nationwide distribution of our customers’ products, we ensure that any sub-contractors we use also share our specialised transport focus and meet our stringent standards.